Verve Motion Unveils Integrated Software and Data Analytics Platform to Elevate Industrial Worker Safety and Operations with its Wearable Robotics Exosuit

Mar 6, 2024

  • Verve Logic™ software and data analytics platform paves the way for game-changing enhancements in industrial worker safety when used in combination with SafeLift™ exosuit solution.
  • Sensors embedded in the SafeLift exosuit collect 3D motion and force data while it is being used by workers throughout their day.
  • The combination of a software platform and unique data analytics, which build off industry standard risk factors, provides ergonomic-based insights for individual worker safety metrics. This enables companies to optimize their facilities according to the unique demands of their tasks and environment.
  • In an initial deployment of Verve Logic used in combination with the SafeLift exosuit, 97% of workers confirmed it assisted their tasks and 83% noted it enhanced lifting posture.

CAMBRIDGE, Mass.March 6, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — In a significant stride toward shaping the future of industrial safety, Verve Motion today introduced a software and data analytics platform, Verve Logic™, seamlessly integrated into its innovative wearable robotics SafeLift™ exosuit. This enhanced product offering aims to pinpoint critical areas that pose injury risks to industrial workers as they work – those who often routinely handle lifting tasks exceeding 50,000 pounds per day – while simultaneously offering coaching to enhance both individual and group performance.

The SafeLift exosuit, the world’s first soft exosuit that offers tailored, adaptive assistance customized for each worker and task, is a lightweight wearable solution that combines real-time motion sensing with robotic assistance. Its comfortable form factor, which wears like a backpack, is designed to power and protect industrial workers. The solution alleviates about 40 percent of the strain on a worker’s back during a typical workday by providing assistance in parallel with their underlying muscles.

A recent customer study found significant impact of the SafeLift exosuit when used in conjunction with the newly launched software, on both workplace safety and efficiency:

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