Embr Labs Announces Publication Of Groundbreaking Study On Hot Flashes In Prostate Cancer Patients In Prestigious Nature Journal

Dec 21, 2023

BOSTONDec. 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Embr Labs, Inc, makers of Embr Wave®, the leading temperature wearable, today announced the publication of “Feasibility of a Novel Wearable Thermal Device for Management of Bothersome Hot Flashes in Patients with Prostate Cancer” in Nature Journal’s Prostate Cancer and Prostatic Diseases.

A first of its kind study, Embr labs collaborated with the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in groundbreaking research in which men with prostate cancer found the Embr Wave device effective at managing hot flashes brought on by cancer treatment.  This is the first study to evaluate the feasibility of a wearable thermal device for nonmedicinal management of impactful hot flashes in prostate cancer patients. Because hot flashes are associated with significantly reduced quality of life, including sleep impairment, hot flash management in affected individuals is a critical component of prostate cancer survivorship.

“During treatment for prostate cancer, there are many complications we consider when we think about how to optimize survivorship,” said Dr. Alicia Morgans, Medical Director of the Survivorship Program at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. “This study, using a novel technology to manage hot flashes, truly moves the field forward in improving the quality of life for men with prostate cancer.”

“For years, men suffering from hot flashes had limited and ineffective options, including the use of fans, dressing in layers or taking medications associated with side effects,” added Dr. Pam Peeke, lead author and Senior Clinical Investigator for Embr Labs.  “This pivotal study demonstrates that the use of a thermal device could provide a nonpharmacological management option for bothersome hot flashes.”

“Living well during prostate cancer treatment through survivorship science is a key goal for our organization in its mission to reduce the death and suffering from this disease,” said Prostate Cancer Foundation CEO Charles J. Ryan, MD. “This study provides evidence that control of irritating hot flashes is possible, and patients can consider this approach for maintaining quality of life during hormonal therapy.”

The study follows Embr’s announcement of its new technology to predict a menopausal hot flash before it occurs to activate immediate cooling on the Embr Wave to mitigate or alleviate the hot flashes.

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