Embr Wave® Now Available at QVC UK

Jul 7, 2023

BOSTON and LONDONJuly 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Embr Labs, Inc, makers of Embr Wave®, the leading wearable to treat the symptoms of menopause, announces its launch at QVC launched Menopause Your Way online and on-air in 2022, sharing a range of tools and resources to empower women during the menopause. The partnership will help drive Embr’s further expansion into the UK to help women manage hot flashes/flushes and improve sleep during menopause. Expert-led retailer QVC will give Co-Founder & COO, Sam Shames, a platform to showcase the brand online and on-air at QVC.

The UK is leading the world around the topic of menopause, and QVC has been advancing this important conversation through its dedicated Menopause Your Way resources,” said Elizabeth Gazda, CEO of Embr Labs. “By showcasing Embr Labs on the cutting-edge Menopause Your Way shows and website, women in the UK will be able to learn more about Embr’s one-of-a-kind wearable technology that can help control the symptoms of menopause.”

The Embr Wave® wristband uses Embr’s patented technology to deliver precisely calibrated cooling or warming sensations at the touch of a button for instant, discrete control over hot flashes/flushes and related menopause symptoms. Clinical research has shown that using Embr Wave provides immediate relief from hot flashes/flushes and improves sleep.

“At QVC, being there for our customers and supporting them on their Menopause journey is crucial and our Menopause Your Way Destination, launched just last year shows our commitment to this. Our Product offering has been thoughtfully selected to make life a little easier and expertly curated based on the many symptoms we know can be experienced. We have brought together industry experts to help us inform, educate, and inspire our customers to make the choices most relevant to their needs. At QVC we are here to guide with optimism and champion women as they move though this life stage so they can navigate the changes, find opportunities for reinvention, and carve a new path that makes them feel empowered,” said Caroline Cornabe, Commercial Director of New Business.

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