Embr Wave thermal wearable now available by subscription through unique “Embrship” offering

Apr 2, 2024

BOSTONApril 2, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Embr Labs, Inc, makers of Embr Wave®, the leading temperature wearable, today announced the official launch of its “Embrship” subscription which makes the award-winning device available to experience for just $20 per month. Now, consumers have two options: the Embr Wave can be purchased outright, or customers can subscribe to the Embrship, where the device is provided free of charge along with a comprehensive membership package that includes additional, ongoing benefits as well as with a lifetime warranty.

“We know if consumers try the Embr Wave, they see a profound improvement in sleep, hot flashes, stress management, and overall thermal comfort,” said Sam Shames, Co-Founder and COO of Embr Labs, “We find that feeling is believing, so Embr has made the device available at a cost per month that allows consumers to explore how temperature can improve well-being with a low upfront investment and without a long term commitment”.

The Embr Wave is available to more people than ever before with this new US-based subscription option and recent sales channel expansion in the UK and Canada. The announcement follows Embr Labs’ pivotal sleep study demonstrating the device’s impact on improving sleep quality in both men and women.

“We see our customer base expanding to both men and women of all ages who are utilizing the product for sleep and stress management, and consumers are asking for new ways to access the product”, said Shames; “our mission is to make the therapeutic power of temperature available to as many as possible, meeting our customers where they are.”

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