C2Sense wins award for ‘Selective CNT Gas Sensors’

Dec 13, 2019

At the recent IDTechEx Show in Santa Clara, C2Sense took the award for ‘Graphene & 2D Materials – Most Significant Advancement In Graphene, CNT, Or 2D Material Commercialization’. Their application was on ‘Selective CNT Gas Sensors’ and was a popular choice with the independent judging panel.
Craig Dawson from the University of Manchester commented, “This is the first commercially available CNT sensor. Sensors are a key add-on technology, particularly within demanding environments where traditional technologies are unable to be deployed. C2Sense also claim to be able to detect several responses simultaneously meaning only one sensor needs to be deployed; potentially streamlining both the sensor and simplifying integration – potentially enabling faster readiness development.”
Dr Merry Smith, C2Sense’s Senior Scientist/Product Manager, accepted the award. “Forums like the IDTechEx Show! provide a priceless opportunity to promote our technology to thousands of exceptional people from all across the world. To that end, C2Sense would like to thank IDTechEx both for organizing this incredible event and for recognizing the groundbreaking achievements of our team in developing next-generation gas-sensing technologies and analytics.”

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