Commonwealth Fusion Systems Selects 47-Acre Site in Devens, Mass., for Historic Commercial Fusion Energy Campus

Mar 3, 2021

Commonwealth Fusion Systems (CFS), the leading company commercializing fusion energy, today announced it will build a 47-acre commercial fusion energy campus in Devens, Massachusetts. The campus will be the birthplace of the commercial fusion energy industry and home to the compact fusion device SPARC that will demonstrate fusion can work as a power source. It will also include the company’s corporate offices as well as an advanced manufacturing facility as it prepares to scale quickly and bring fusion power to market.” 


About CFS 

COMMONWEALTH FUSION SYSTEMS is an energy company aiming to commercialize fusion energy production to take advantage of the extraordinary market opportunity for carbon-free power. CFS is applying a new class of superconducting magnets that will drastically reduce the size and cost of fusion power plants. 

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