Embr Wave – Empowering Aging Through Innovation

Feb 14, 2020

Forbes highlights the Safar portfolio company Embr Labs together with Singfit, a music therapy app, and Alcove VR, a virtual reality app that promotes social engagement. All three companies use technology to empower people as they age!


As Americans over 50 buy more technology to help them live better, innovators are beginning to respond with products made especially for them.

In this post, we spotlight three exemplar products that have either been supported or invented by AARP Innovation Labs.

By partnering with the founders of the SingFit music therapy app and the Wave body temperature bracelet, AARP Innovation Labs is helping startups expand and achieve success. By creating Alcove VR, a virtual reality platform for socializing, AARP is addressing an unmet need while delivering on its mission to empower people as they age.

“We’re pushing back on the idea that people over 50 don’t want to use technology,” says Rick Robinson, the labs’ vice president of product development. “We know they are embracing it.”

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