Humanyze’s Organizational Health Score™, the First Objective Measure of Organizational Effectiveness, recently highlighted by Business Wire

Jan 12, 2021

Humanyze, a leader in workplace analytics, today launched the Humanyze Organizational Health Score™ (OHS), the first solution to objectively measure organizational effectiveness. Rooted in years of academic research and customer work analyzing over 20 billion workplace interactions, OHS provides leaders with a continuous macro view of their organization’s effectiveness through the lens of collaboration. This unique, AI-based solution allows leaders to see company-wide trends around how work gets done in order to inform and improve management decisions that positively impact financial performance and the employee experience. This unique technology enables companies to pinpoint interventions and rapidly iterate by identifying how tools, processes, and practices can demonstrably impact the effectiveness of an organization to drive positive financial performance. 


About Humanyze

AI company that uses data analytics to measure and improve the organizational health of companies, making them more efficient and productive. Through their use of sensors and AI technology, Humanyze analyzes existing corporate data to drive actionable organizational health scores that help companies make objective and informed decisions. 


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