Kebotix Raises $11.4 Million in Series A Funding for Rapid Discovery of Chemicals, Materials to Address Global Challenges

Apr 16, 2020

(Kebotix PR) – “Kebotix Inc., a technology platform company for new AI-discovered chemicals and materials, today announced it has raised $11.4 million in Series A funding led by Novo Holdings, a leading international life science investor. Due to significant investor interest, Kebotix is keeping the round open another 30 days for additional participation. 

Amid growing demand for Kebotix’s materials discovery platform capabilities, the new investment will power growth in scaling operations and accelerating R&D efforts to generate discoveries of urgent global importance. Among other macro efforts, Kebotix is dedicated to improving public health, championing sustainability, and eliminating the production of hazardous substances through Green Chemistry solutions.” 


About Kebotix 

KEBOTIX is a technology company combining artificial intelligence and robotics to form a self-driving laboratory for materials discovery. Closing the loop between computer simulations and materials manufacturing speeds up the discovery process 10-100X for developing new materials. 

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