Quaise Energy recently featured by University of Cambridge for co-funding a clean energy project at the Laboratory for Scientific Computing with GAPSTI

Mar 5, 2021

University of Cambridge – “Quaise Energy Inc. has teamed with the Laboratory for Scientific Computing (LabSC) to develop computational models of the interaction of high-energy beams with geological materials. The project is supported by co-funding provided by the Gianna Angelopoulos Program for Science Technology and Innovation (GAPSTI). The models developed will provide understanding of the fundamental physics underlying the operation of a gyrotron-powered millimeter-wave (MMW) energy drilling system developed by Quaise, a spin-off company born from research at MIT Plasma Science and Fusion Center.”  


About Quaise Energy  

QUAISE is developing and commercializing novel millimeter wave drilling systems to harness geothermal energy around the globe, overcoming the geographic constraints limiting this energy source today. Quaise’s technology enables the clean energy transition by accessing the largest source of power-dense clean energy on Earth. 

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