Ubiquitous Energy featured in Glass International; Pilkington North America has installed energy-generating windows, which feature Ubiquitous Energy’s photovoltaic technology

Jan 15, 2021

Pilkington North America has installed energy-generating windows at its Northwood, Ohio, USA facility. The flat glass manufacturer has worked with Ubiquitous Energy (UE) to jointly develop the transparent solar windows, which feature UE’s photovoltaic technology. This building-integrated photovoltaic technology transforms an average window into a solar cell that generates electricity. UE’s transparent photovoltaic coating adds an invisible element of power generation by capturing non-visible wavelengths and creating a window that acts as a photovoltaic cell without obstructing the view. 


About Ubiquitous Energy 

One of the world leaders in transparent photovoltaics and is developing the first truly transparent solar technology. The combination of energy conversion and transparency will create windows that generate electricity from the sun without aesthetic impairment. 

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