Via Separations & Graphic Packaging International Announce Successful Pilot Of Industrial Electrification Technology

Jun 3, 2021

(PR Newswire) – “Via Separations, an MIT spinout company developing process intensification systems to reduce energy intensity, announced its first successful pilot with Graphic Packaging International (GPI) for black liquor concentration.  “This pilot represents the first successful implementation of membranes in the black liquor process in history,” says Jeff Butler, Center of Excellence Lead at GPI. “Others have attempted this before, and we were skeptical at first that it could work. But Via turned it on, and it just ran. 

Via’s cross-industry filtration system is capable of reducing the energy required to separate chemicals by 90% and capital expenditures by 50%. Via’s solution is inherently modular and flexible to demand, and this pilot utilizes commercial size filtration units.  


About Via Separations 

VIA SEPARATIONS is a membrane company applying novel filtration to reduce the energy used in industrial separation processes by 90%. With applications across food and beverage, pulp and paper, pharmaceuticals, and chemical production, Via is targeting the 10% of global energy consumption that is wasted in thermal separation processes. 

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