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Safar Partners, LLC is a Delaware corporation.

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General Conditions of Use

This website and the information it contains may only be used subject to your full compliance with the user conditions described herein. As the information on this website or offered via this website is of a general nature, it should not be considered as tailored to your personal needs or specific circumstances. You, the user, are solely responsible for your use of this website and releases Safar from any present or future liability regarding your potential use of information obtained from this website.


Disclaimer in Relation to the Products and Services Presented on the Website

All information and opinions expressed from material posted to this website, including estimates and forecasts of future performance or other events are subject to change without notice, is unaudited, and is presented for illustrative purposes only. It is not indicative of the value at which a subscription and/or redemption of interests in funds presented herein may be effected.

There can be no assurance that developments will transpire as may be forecast in material posted to this website. Safar is the source for the information presented in all charts and tables displayed on this website, unless otherwise stated. There can be no assurance that developments will transpire as may be forecast in this material.
All amounts shown are expressed in USD unless otherwise indicated.

Safar offers no guarantees or make any declarations, either expressly or tacitly, that the information supplied on this website is accurate, comprehensive or up-to-date. Such should not be relied upon as the sole source of portfolio information or suitability for investment.

Any reliance one may place on the accuracy or validity of such information is at one’s own risk.

Investors should consider the investment objectives, risks and expenses of any investment carefully before investing.

Safar cannot be held liable for any errors on or shortcomings of this website or for any damages resulting from use of the information it contains. To inform Safar of any errors, please refer to the “Contact” link of the website.

Reference to a portfolio’s diversification is not intended to imply that a portfolio will be diversified for purposes of, and as defined in, the Investment Company Act of 1940, as amended

Not all of the products and services may be registered or authorized in all countries or available to all clients and the vehicles identified on this website are made pursuant to confidential offering memoranda provided to investors separately. Some funds may be identified on this website are no longer open to subscription.

Information displayed on this website may be based, in part or whole, on information provided by fund sponsors of fund portfolio investments.

The information that appears on this website is not intended to be distributed or used by any person or entity in a country or jurisdiction where such distribution or use contravenes any legal or regulatory provisions, or which require Safar Partners’ companies to comply with registration formalities in such countries or jurisdictions.

No information (including data, graphs and documents) displayed on this website and/or reference to specific securities, sectors, or markets within such displayed material constitutes an offer to purchase, an invitation to sell shares or investment advice regarding the purchase or sale of equities, or an offer or invitation from Safar to provide investment advice or financial, legal, tax, or investment services connected with the purchase or sale of any equity or other financial instrument


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